That time I was on a podcast…

A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of being interviewed for the Best of Both Worlds podcast. That episode came out today. To my great surprise and deepest pleasure, I discovered that I didn’t suck and actually sounded quite together! (The magic of editing helped greatly with that — I had a cough that day.) Laura is one of my favorite authors, and her cohost is one of my favorite bloggers, so it was amazing to actually speak to them on the podcast. I talk about what my days look like, we discuss maternity leave, balancing two working parents, and making different choices for different kids. If you listen, please let me know what you think! And if you are interested in the topic of working moms, I highly recommend the podcast.


2015: a recap

Since it’s been over two years since I last posted, I figured it was about time to attempt resurrecting this blog. It’ll be taking a different form, rather less planner-centric and more about anything and everything.

Here’s what happened in my life in 2015…

  • Basically got promoted to a supervisory position, and several months later received a raise for it!
  • Took the lead on interviewing and hiring a new employee, whom I directly supervise.
  • Attended two professional conferences on my own, one out of state.
  • Coordinated a massive, challenging project at work, and watched as it was executed by the entire team so smoothly and much faster than I anticipated.
  • Ran my first 5k.
  • Drove both ways to a work meeting 30+ minutes away. Since I used to be terrified of driving on the highway, this is huge.
  • Started individual counseling.
  • Was diagnosed with a major depressive episode by my counselor.
  • Went to see a psychiatrist and was prescribed medication.
  • Started taking the medication and realized I’ve been living in a fog for most of my life.
  • Experienced a worsening of depression, went back to the psychiatrist, had my med dose changed, and started feeling better again.
  • Traveled to California for my grandfather’s memorial service, to Galveston for my best friend’s girls weekend, and to the Austin area twice and the Waco area once to spend time with my in-laws.
  • Celebrated our fifth anniversary and my husband’s 25th birthday.
  • Watched my preschooler get ever more articulate, opinionated, and individual.
  • Spent many, many wonderful hours with various close friends, at home, in their homes, going out places… I’m so thankful for my People.
  • Purchased a Halloween costume for the first time in my life, and wore it to a bar with friends!
  • Watched various family members perform in musicals at the local community theatre!
  • Prepared to watch my best friend get married!

It’s been an eventful year, to say the least, and a good one.

On how my blog is not a niche blog

I’m afraid my blog can be a bit odd at times. I post a lot about planners…and then I’ll post about American politics, or life…and then I’ll go back to posting about planners…

So far I’ve left it this way, because I consider this a personal blog, which means I can get away with that, right? At the same time, I’m not sure politics/life posts really mix well with planner posts.


On paradigms (or, why we can’t agree)

Each of us has a way of looking at the world – a paradigm. We each have things which we see as reprehensible, as regrettable but necessary, and as good. The problem comes when the paradigms run into each other. In those cases, our first reaction is to lash out at the other person who is supporting what we see as so reprehensible. We write them off – how could anyone possibly think that? There must be something severely wrong with them.

It takes tremendous effort to pull ourselves out of our paradigms enough to see the other’s point of view, even if just a little bit – to understand that perhaps they aren’t reprehensible, perhaps they do have good reasons for believing as they do, even if they are reasons that we reject. It takes so much more effort to understand than it does to dismiss – but understanding is so much more rewarding, if sometimes more frustrating.

Abortion, gay marriage, what constitutes free speech, what constitutes hate speech…etc. etc. It all falls under this problem of differing paradigms. We talk past each other instead of talking *to* each other. Paradigms make it so hard – when one talks about rights and free speech, one person’s reprehensible is another person’s must. Who gets to draw the lines? What’s what? This is what makes politics, and life, so hard sometimes. We have to draw lines at some point, to protect those who need to be protected. But where are the lines? It’s this sort of thing which makes me want to go hide my head in the sand…and sometimes I do, for a little bit.

Then I continue trying to understand – as much as I can, in my limited way. It may not change my mind, but it can definitely change my heart.

About bluebonnets

I’m not entirely sure that everyone who reads my blog knows what a bluebonnet is, so I’m going to explain it briefly – since it is part of my blog name and all!

A bluebonnet (it’s one word :) ) is a flower. If you click over to my blog, you can see a field of them at the top of the page! They are the Texas state flower, and grow on the sides of highways and in fields. They bloom in the spring, usually close to Easter. It’s a Texas ritual to take pictures in the bluebonnets every spring. The flowers smell a bit like licorice candy, in my opinion. Bluebonnets are related to the lupine, but I don’t think I’ve seen a lupine in person before, so I’m not sure how similar they are in person.

Bluebonnets also happen to be my favorite flower, and I happen to be a not-quite-native Texan. Hence how they ended up as part of my blog name.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief chance to read about bluebonnets!

2012 set-up and new dividers

My Finchley is all set up for the new year, with pretty new dividers and a set-up tweaked to perfection! There are lots of photos on Flickr of it all.

I made new dividers with some cardstock that I found at Michael’s, and decorated them with stickers. I just traced each Filofax divider onto the cardstock, cut it out, and hole-punched it. I didn’t even have a Filofax hole punch – I used a single-hole punch. I’m very happy with how they turned out, especially since I’m not a very crafty person! So, now my Filofax is beautifully decorated and coordinated along with being particularly useful. :)

I’ve actually written on my dividers, so I’m not planning on changing my set-up anytime soon. This is what I’ve got:

  • “Days” holds two months’ worth of my Filofax 2 pages per day calendar.
  • “Do” has context lists of to-dos along with a current projects list.
  • “Learn” has everything to do with reading or learning, including my really long to-be-read list. It also holds any notes I take on things I’m learning about.
  • “Dream” is my Me divider. I have things like goals, to blog, and someday and maybe lists in here.
  • “Love” is my home and family divider, which holds quite mundane things, like my cleaning routine, dinner ideas, gift ideas, reminders for things concerning my daughter, etc.
  • “Details” is just the Notes tab, but I had a great alliteration thing going and didn’t want to break it.

I also have some things at the front – photos and pretty things, my info page, stickies on a transparent divider, and tabbed monthlies from DayTimer. I use them to keep track of bills and write down events, especially if it’s more than 2 months away.

So really I haven’t changed my set-up much, just moved things around, but it’s made a difference.

Now, go look at the photos!

First impressions of the Finchley!

I received my Finchley in the mail today! I guess the mailman came twice, because other mail had arrived before I left to visit my mom…and when I came back much later, it was waiting on my desk chair! I actually waited to open it, as baby required my attention.

The imperial purple color is absolutely beautiful, rather dark. It’s one of my favorite shades. As for the leather, my jaw literally dropped when I touched it. I had no idea leather could be so soft!!

The Swedish inserts were so much fun to look at. It came with a 2012 weekly calendar (in Swedish of course) and lots of extras. I was especially happy about the 10 to do sheets and 30ish sheets of notepaper!! I can set up my Finchley fully now, without waiting for a package from Filofax USA! It also came with a lot of address sheets. I have so many of those now, and I don’t use them! The dividers are black which is exciting.

I have added the Apex extras to the Finchley and replaced the calendar with the English one that has US holidays on it. Now I’m going to finish setting it up and arranging everything. I am giving the FC binder to my mom, since she loves the calendar pages which weren’t really working for me. So that means I need to clear everything out and re-copy various notes pages. I will be using the Apex and the Finchley for now, and probably the Domino as well – though the Finchley might take over the Domino’s purpose. I’ll post about that once I’ve got it all figured out.

Many thank yous to Sandra, who sold me one of her Swedish Finchleys! If it wasn’t for her, I would still think the Apex is kind of cool. After seeing a real Filofax, I understand why no one likes the Apex…and don’t worry, it won’t be going out in public. ;)