How I journal

I’ve journaled off and on for years, to think things through. I have something like 15 old journals – one day I’ll take a picture of all of them! Last year I started journaling to remember what I did on which days, as well. So, this is my “system.” I have three journals, all from Barnes and Noble. Two are for me and one is about my daughter.

I have two five year diaries – these are called “One Line a Day” and “Mom’s One Line A Day.” The only difference is that the moms one is pink. I found them at Barnes and Noble and got very excited. There are others available as well, but I do like these. They are small, with dates on the top of each page and five spaces to record things. In mine, I record what I did that day – places I went, any big events, etc. In my daughter’s, I record anything super cute that she did, along with where she went and with who. I back-filled my daughter’s from records I’d kept elsewhere, so I’m starting to get to the point where I see what happened a year ago. I love having that. I also love knowing the minutia of my days! Before, I could *never* remember what day I’d done what thing. Now I can just look in the journal if I want to. The limited space makes me keep it short.


I also have a journal for me. This particular one is leather, and quite heavy, so I don’t often carry it around even though I want to. It’s got beautiful blank pages, and the paper is quite thick. It’s also got quite a few pages – I’m perhaps a third of the way through the book, and I’ve reached page 90 or so. I like to use colored pens as it livens things up. I also practice my cursive. ;) I write about all sorts of things in here – my Filofax occasionally, events, feelings… I process better when I write or talk about things, and writing saves my poor husband, plus I don’t forget what I’m figuring out! Sometimes I’ll use prompts from a wonderful book called Creative Journal Writing. I also write prayers and things connected to Bible study in here at times, and I’ve even put in sermon notes. Basically, anything that I need to process or record that I might want to keep for a while goes in here instead of in the Filofax.

I don’t like to journal in my Filofax because I think anything looseleaf is, by nature, impermanent. That works great for my planner pages, but not so much for journaling. I have toyed with the idea of getting 2ppd and using the notes page as a combined inbox/mini journaler, but I can’t imagine ever using a Filofax for all my journaling!! It just wouldn’t work for me.


Filo update, and some musings

Of course I would change something about my Filo setup as soon as I posted my entry about how I was using it. That’s just how the world works. DUH. ;) I realized that I only had two things I wanted to put in the Family tab, so I turned the Home tab into Home & Family. It now has two “Family” lists – Things To Buy For DD and an empty Packing List. This left me with TWO extra tabs! Currently, tab 5 holds vaguely journal-ish things, including a page for me to record moods. Tab 6 holds all the extra notepaper and various notes. I reinstated the A-Z dividers and they are being used to hold reference info, like the dates promotions expire on our cable.

Speaking of journaling, I’m in a bit of a quandary. I love to journal, but I also don’t necessarily want to lug my journal along EVERYWHERE. One solution could be to have a Filofax as a journal – that way, I can journal *in* it, but also journal on the go in my pocket Filo and then add those sheets in (since the smaller sheets fit in the bigger Filos!). I would get an A5 Domino for this if I decide to do it.

At the same time, though, I love journals and the permanence of bound paper. It’s just harder to add things to them and they are harder to carry around. I’ve been way overthinking this.

Any ideas, comments, thoughts?