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Hello! I’m Hannah Olsen. I am a wife, mother, librarian, book lover, coffee lover, journaler, occasional blogger, and perhaps an aspiring writer. I can also be found on Instagram, where I post pictures of books, coffee, and my day-to-day view, and via email, at hannah dot c dot olsen at gmail.

A bit about the blog name: Originally, this blog was called “Reading in the Bluebonnets.” Bluebonnets are my favorite flower, and reading is one of my favorite things! I ended up shortening it to Bluebonnet Reads, to match the URL.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just discovered your blog and I’m so thrilled to discover a fellow (soon to be) convert to Catholicism. Your writing is rich, articulate, and your reason is sharp. If there is anything I can ever do to help during or after your conversion–I’m especially handy with book recommendations–let me know.

    Grace and peace!

    1. Thank you, Brandon! I appreciate it very much. I’ve actually been following your blog for a little while and find it quite interesting and helpful.

      Do you happen to know of any good books on reading Scripture with a Catholic perspective? As a Protestant I’ve done a lot of Scripture reading, and I’ve realized that framework is a bit hard to shake when reading the more familiar books.

  2. Hannah, the aboslute no-brained, must-have book would be Mark Shea’s “Making Senses of Scripture”.

    Besides that I you’d also really like “Lovely Like Jerusalem” by Aidan Nichols and “Your One-Stop Guide to the Bible” by Kevin Perrotta.

    Hope these help!

  3. Hannah, It’s great that you are reading the Bible. However, please please do NOT get involved in Catholicism! I was brought up in a Roman Catholic environment, and did a lot for the church growing up. However, they heavily promote man’s traditions over the word of God. They do NOT follow the word of God. They do NOT believe that the word of God is all you need, or indeed can be understood ‘properly’ without a priest explaining it to you. They do NOT believe that you can saved. The eucharist is completely unscriptural – I challenge you to find it in the NT where the actual body and blood of our precious Lord is present in a wafer. I challenge you to find where baby sprinkling is in scripture. I challenge you to find where confessions to a priest is in scripture. I challenge you to find that there is actually a preisthood today other than the priesthood of ALL believers. I challenge you to find where Mary worship is in scripture, or where she was so-called sinless. I don’t care what Catholics you meet who say that they do not worship Mary, it’s a LIE! All Catholics worship and pray to Mary. I know Hannah, my family are still heavily involved in Rome. They are not saved. I challenge you to find purgatory mentioned in the Bible. Catholicism is false! It is deception. I did not find Christ until I left that deceptive organisation. John 3:3, Jesus said that ye must be born again of the Spirit of God. We are all born into sin, with the devil as our father as Christ tells us in his word. We must be adopted into the family of God by believeing on the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting Him alone for salvation. There is none other mediator between man and God, other than Christ Jesus. Please, please call upon the name of the Lord instead of man. God bless you as you seek to know Him.

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