2016 priorities and goals

My priorities have stayed fairly constant over the years, I think, but in the past year or so articulating them and focusing on them has been particularly helpful. Here they are:

  1. Self-care. For me, this looks like spending time reading, journaling, and exercising. I’m no good to others when I’m in a bad place mentally, and these three things help me stay out of that bad place. Reading comes naturally to me (I read 106 books last year, which surprised me), but journaling requires more focus, and exercise is a habit I’m trying to create.
  2. Loved ones. I want to spend more quality time with my family, and see my closest friends regularly.
  3. Work. 

In an attempt to set myself up for success (I know, why would I do that, right?!), I’ve kept my goals specific and the list short.

  1. Run two 5Ks. This is partly to motivate myself to exercise, and partly because I ran one once before, felt accomplished for finishing (despite my terrible time, haha), and I’d like to do it again. I have picked out three possibilities, one in the spring and two in the winter.
  2. Do a weekend away with my husband. We’ve been married for six years and have never done this.
  3. Do four family adventures. It’s always wonderful when we go places as a family. I’d like to make that more structured and add some variety.
  4. Complete a reading challenge. Specifically, Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2016 Reading Challenge. The only book I haven’t yet picked out is one published in 2016…but since I am a librarian, I’m sure I’ll be able to find several candidates in the next couple of months without much effort!
  5. Pay off our consumer debt. This is a family goal. Monthly payments on our debt make it even more difficult for us to do without my husband’s income, and that has been postponing his plan to go back to college. Once those payments are gone, we should have enough wiggle room that he can drastically reduce his hours, at least. Happily, we will be almost halfway to this goal by the end of this month.




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