Insert choices

My original plan for 2013 was to use these Barnes and Noble inserts:


Then I received the Kate Spade inserts for 2013 along with the wine Holborn I purchased:


Now I’m not certain which one to use. Kate Spade has a monthly planner and gorgeous two-page pretty picture type things before the months. BN has monthly “events pages”. I also set up the BN with color coding, while the Kate Spade I kept black and white. At this point I’m leaning towards Kate Spade. What do you all think?

(This is assuming that a busy schedule doesn’t drive me back to my FC 2ppd or FF ppd of course.)


8 thoughts on “Insert choices

  1. While I personally prefer lines, I think I like the look of the Kate spade better. Plus, it’s Kate spade! Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  2. I like the BN inserts. I got the Kate Spade 2013 inserts that were included in a binder I had purchased last year and I find that the decorated in-between pages were too girly for me.

  3. Plain weekly planners just don’t keep things organized enough for me. I use a moleskine weekly with notes religiously, but differently than I’ve seen others use it. I’m in college and I use the left hand side to note down definite time-based appointments. (meetings, due dates, events, appointments, exams). On the right side, I divide the page by subject 3 or 4 lines per subject/organization. I use these spaces to note down to-do’s that need to get done by the end of the week, but not at a specific time. I think that this method could be really useful for most anyone. It helps keep the notes section organized. If I need to note down a number or a reminder and it doesn’t belong in those sections or on a specific day, I just use a sticky note, or I put it into the empty box above each week on the left side. I find that most notes and assignments and to-do’s fit quite well into my categories! My appointments are uncluttered and easy to see that way, but I also don’t have to make separate to-do’s or re-copy things that don’t get done today to the next day. It just seems like a less stressful way to keep a planner…


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