New personal size binder…

I acquired a new binder today. It’s personal size. It doesn’t lay perfectly flat, but it comes pretty dang close. The cover is extremely flexible and smooth. The rings have one or two tiny gaps, but they are perfectly aligned and open and close with a satisfying snap. The inserts are a nice, thick paper.

I’m talking about a $9.99 vinyl planner from Barnes and Noble.

It’s really quite sad that this planner has better rings than my Finchley.

I actually bought this planner for the calendar pages – it’s a weekly layout, and it’s pretty. The more staid planner pages available in a refill pack in a separate part of the store were too staid and the structure didn’t fit what I liked very well. Plus, my new planner came with stickers, a notepad, and a bookmark, too. It’s fun and girly, it’s true…We’ll see how the layout works for me.

Sadly, these don’t appear to be available online currently – except through resellers charging premium prices. Ugh.

I’ll post pictures in another entry later on, as it’s late and I don’t feel like doing all the uploading right now…


3 thoughts on “New personal size binder…

  1. So does that mean you have decided to go with weekly pages for 2013? I have always used weekly pages but purchased 2PPD from DayRunner for 2013. The only problem is I am too nervous to actually open them and commit! :)


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