Turning a bookmark into a today marker

Not too long ago I had an epiphany – a bookmark would work very well as a Today ruler…it’s stiff, it’s roughly the right width and size, and it’s already decorated! I tested the theory with the bookmark that came with my Moleskine book journal, and found that it was just the right size. My Half Price bookmarks, however, were not. So when I was at Barnes and Noble one day, I decided to check out their bookmarks. They had the right size, and so I decided to make to-do markers out of them – and document the process for others to copy if they so choose. :) These are all for the Personal size.

Here are the bookmarks that I chose. You can see that they are almost exactly the height of the Today marker.








I placed the Today marker on top of the bookmark and made sure they were aligned. Then I took a pen and colored in the hole space. (I took this picture before actually doing it – when I did it, I flipped them around so that I was marking on the back of the bookmark.)





After doing that, I got this. I then used a single hole punch to do the holes. After that, I took scissors and cut carefully just on either side of the black line to create the slots.


Voila! A customized today marker without a lot of trouble! :)


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