On diary (calendar) formats

In the past month, I have used three different diary formats. The first was with my short-lived Moleskine experiment – a week on one page with notes, in a very large size. The diary layout itself worked fairly well, but I was having problems with the bound planner and so switched back to my Filofax. At this point I was lacking diary inserts, as I’d traded my personal size diary for my mother’s Franklin Covey Classic (similar to A5) inserts. So I needed some new ones if I wanted to use the Filofax as a planner again.

The second diary format I used was very kindly mailed all the way from France by Steve of Philofaxy. It is the Filofax cotton cream week on two pages, with the days all the same size and a notes space above Monday. I honestly love this layout – it works quite well. My problem with it is that it’s very compact, and I just don’t think I can squeeze everything I want or need to note in a day-specific way into this diary.

Today, the third diary format arrived – Franklin Covey 2 pages per day (in the Serenity pattern). I ordered these because I am starting grad school in just over a week, and several people recommended the 2ppd, saying that I would need the room. (Thanks Laurie, Rori, and Zoe! and anyone else I’m forgetting!) I’ve used the page per day layout before with success. This diary also comes with a month on 2 pages, which is absolutely essential for use with daily pages.

I just finished getting all my appointments, etc. written over. The daily sheets are still quite bare, as most of my to-dos are still on the context sheets and grad school hasn’t yet started, but I expect they will fill up rapidly. I do feel like there’s a lot more room to breathe, which is nice. The pages are sectioned: appointments, to-dos, a “daily tracker,” and notes. I’m going to use the daily tracker for my husband’s schedule, and I think this will work VERY well. In the past I’ve taken the top line of the appointments, or just the “margin” of a day space on a weekly page, and neither of those have worked too well. The daily tracker box gives me room to note details if I like, and it means his schedule is not taking up space where my schedule needs to be! The notes page will be used as an inbox-type thing as well as having the extra information I will need for assignments.

So, there you have it. I am planning on forcing myself to stick with this format. My problem is that I sometimes try and fix what isn’t broken! Ack! I really must learn not to do that.


5 thoughts on “On diary (calendar) formats

  1. I’ve used the Franklin Covey 2 pages per day for YEARS! Did you go with compact size or classic? I used the compact. I think the 2 pages per day are awesome.

    I used the notes page for notes about my day. In fact, I have archive books back to 1993. I’ve got tons of really cool information about my kids and other things that happened. Sort of like a journal. I would never voluntarily part with those books. They’re my history!

    Good luck with your new pages. I hope they work well for you.

    1. These are compact :) I did have a classic size Franklin Covey, but it was just too difficult to carry around and I never wanted to use it when I was out! The compact/personal size is so much nicer for me. :)

      1. That extra half inch of width really helps, doesn’t it?! I never could use the ones that were just 3-3/4″ wide. They just weren’t big enough for all the writing I did. I would love to use a classic but it’s too big. I try but always go back to my compact.

  2. Hi Patty

    I am looking in to option of getting 2PPD Classic size, my question is does it fit filofax a5 binder? Please share your experience




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