First impressions of the Holborn

1) Man, it’s hot outside. Poor leather having to deal with that heat.

2) Ooh soft and smooth.

3) Woo, no gaps in the rings!!!

4) Hm. The rings seem to almost be *bent* where they close, kind of like my Franklin Covey classic’s, but a tad bit moreso. But still, no gaps yay!

5) Man, this is FLOPPY!

6) This is not the same type of ring mechanism as my Finchley – this one has things (I presume it’s the attachments) on the metal.

7) Ooh fun stuff that came inside the Holborn

8) ooh lots of pockets!

9) …I need to go to work soon and my kid does not appreciate how awesome Filofaxes are.


4 thoughts on “First impressions of the Holborn


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