I’ve defected: my Moleskine weekly planner

Well, I’ve defected. My Personal Finchley Filofax (as well as my Franklin Covey classic binder) are languishing in drawers. What happened? Well…the Finchley was a bit small. The Franklin Covey was great, but I couldn’t carry it anywhere – and when I did carry it, I didn’t want to pull it out. So it wasn’t getting used well. I ended up buying an extra-large Moleskine weekly planner, and I’ve been using it for the past three weeks.

Sadly, this post has only one picture. I know, it’s blasphemy – but there has been too much going on which involves my family, or friends, and it’s all on my planner pages…and I’m too lazy to blur out *that* much stuff. Sorry! *looks sheepish* I do, however, have this picture which explains how I use the weekly pages. The green highlighting is the most recent stuff and what’s remained consistent over the past couple weeks. I’ve turned the bottom part of the righthand notes page into a space for weekend to-dos, as the weekend days have less space. (Also, please note that the color is off in this picture – the pages are much whiter than they appear.)







There are also two sets of monthly calendars – year at a glance for July-Dec 2012, 2013, and 2014, as well as vertical monthly calendars (line a day) for July 2012-Dec. 2013. I’m using the spaces between months in the year-at-a-glance part to record important monthly notes, like people graduating or when the pest guys come. The vertical monthly calendars I’m using to record our income and any super important events. I also put my bill-tracking sticky flags on the vertical monthly pages. There are also some notes pages at the back, which I’m using for important lists, including gift ideas, a wish list, and a Someday list.

I’ve also taken up color-coding, which means I’m carrying around a bag of pens everywhere..but that’s okay! I use purple for personal things, dark green for anything to do with family, blue for grad school, orange for work, brown for faith-related things, red for can’t-miss important stuff, and black for everything else – which usually means housework and errands! Both appointments and to-dos are color coded throughout the planner, and notes sometimes are as well. I’ve also got stickers from the lovely Sandra which will brighten the pages right up!!

So far, this is working great for me. I love the weekly view, and how light and portable it is, and how it’s a bound book. I do wish there was more notes space. I tried taking a pocket Moleskine cahier to work the other day, though, and it worked wonderfully as an inbox, so that might be the solution. However, all of this is subject to change depending on what my planning needs are once I start grad school!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment with questions, comments, vilification for being too lazy to take more photos…but please don’t be too mean. ;)


7 thoughts on “I’ve defected: my Moleskine weekly planner

  1. Hi there!
    I was googling for an issue that we have on our iMac logging in to wordpress and found this from you:
    “I’ve been having a problem with viewing the subscription page on Safari. When I go to WordPress.com and I am logged in, I see the page with the featured blog posts. I then click on the tab that says “My Subscriptions.” The subscriptions load, I see them for about two seconds, and then the entire screen goes white. Reloading the page does nothing. I’ve tried this several times today and it keeps doing it. I have other browsers I can use, but Safari is my preferred browser. Everything else on the website works just fine, from what I can tell. Perhaps the problem is on my end, but in any case, it’s rather annoying. Do you all have any idea what could be causing this? :)”

    Did you find the route cause ?
    Thanks in advance
    Magnus Johansson

    1. No, I never heard anything back about that. I use an RSS reader now, so I never go to that page, and therefore don’t know if it fixed itself or not. I’d forgotten I’d posted that, actually – your post reminded me.

  2. I’ve just discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner – and after so many years of not being able to settle on Filofax, Franklin, electronic apps, etc – THIS THING ROCKS. I had my doubts for a couple of days, but as I use it, it’s become such a precious, productive part of my life! It’s FUN and COLORFUL too. Have you ever tried one?

    1. I’ve heard of it, but never purchased one. A friend sent me some of the pages, though, and I don’t think it would work for me – the columns are too narrow and there isn’t enough notes or to-do space.

    1. I actually have those! But I prefer the Pilot Precise V5 ink type, and there are more colors available. I haven’t seen the Bic fashion colors anywhere, but I should take a look at Target. Both 4 colors would give me enough colors.


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