A day in my life, through the eyes of my planner

(I actually decided to do this post because I was so excited that I got my entire to-do list finished for once. Hopefully I can turn this into a trend!!)

Anyway. Here’s what my day looks like:

I use Franklin Covey’s page per day Serenity insert. Note the full page for Sunday.

On the left, we have the task list. I put time estimates in the “priority” box. The only task I moved today was one which is incredibly time-consuming thanks to a decent sized dining area with a grouted tile floor. I despise that floor, actually. I also still need to get cash from my husband, but I can easily do that later. Everything else is done! YES!

On the right are appointments. I use the top line to record my husband’s work schedule – today, for example, he starts work at 5pm. We usually go to church on Sunday mornings, but my daughter was ill so that didn’t happen. Instead I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and study for the GRE, where I once again reminded myself that I have forgotten pretty much all the algebra I ever knew and I will probably fail. Unless, of course, I use my awesome planning skills to create a plan to relearn all the algebra I ever knew in the span of 4 weeks. So I bought a prep book, and I still need to create the plan.

Not many notes, as usual – there isn’t much space. Most random notes go in my “inbox” in the front of my Filofax. Sometimes I will put a quick reminder of what I did that day in order to transfer it to my five year journal later. Yes, my memory is that bad.

This is a pretty good representation of what my pages look like. I’m contemplating laying all my April pages out on the floor and taking one massive picture. Or two, to get both sides. Hehehe…haven’t decided whether I will or not.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of my life!


4 thoughts on “A day in my life, through the eyes of my planner

  1. Great idea to put the time estimates in the priority box! I have been toying with using FC pages in my Filofax – I really like the layout of the pages. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m using a personal size Filofax with compact Serenity inserts. This picture was of the page per day inserts, but now I am using the 2 pages per day.

      I wanted to do A5 at one point as well, and got a Franklin Covey Classic size planner because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find anything to fit an A5 Filofax in the States. I didn’t use the Classic size very long, though – too bulky and heavy, and impossible to write anything in when standing.


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