Anniversary, Filofax store, and shopping!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary of being a couple, my husband and I decided to go to the Galleria (Dallas), as he hadn’t been there in years. It just so happens that a store which stocks Filofaxes was located in that mall… :)

The store was Paradise Pen. I discovered that $1500 pens exist. They had a shelf of Filofaxes as well as a display with various inserts. The Filofaxes were prominently Apexes, Classics, and Finsburys, along with Flex covers and inserts. There was a compact Classic and a compact Finsbury (…I think that’s the right word – the personal size ones with smaller rings). There were one or two minis, and I think two or three A5s – the rest were personal. There was a pocket green Chameleon and a pocket Hampstead which were both very nice. I was surprised how floppy the Chameleon was. I seriously considered buying the Hampstead, which had all sorts of interesting pockets, but I don’t use a pocket and can’t imagine fitting into one again so I didn’t. They also had some refillable journals by Oberon Design, some Rhodia notebooks, and a few other notebooks and things.

We didn’t stay at the Galleria very long – the stores were too upscale. So we went to North Park instead. There we found two particularly exciting stores. Paper Source had all sorts of interesting journals and books, not to mention stationery and just plain paper. I could have spent way too much money in there, but the only thing I purchased was a “Quotable Kid” journal. My daughter doesn’t talk yet, but now I’m prepared! ;)

Fossil was the other store. I’ve been in there before, but this time I actually found something I wanted to buy – a really cute wallet! I spent $60 on it, which is the most I’ve ever spent on a wallet, but I think it’ll last a while. It’s technically my birthday present from my husband. :) I love the interior layout – I think it’ll work really well for me.

It’s lighter than that in person – the funky lighting made it look darker.

Of course we did other things too, but they don’t really relate to anything I usually blog about, so yeah. ;) Hope you enjoyed reading!


One thought on “Anniversary, Filofax store, and shopping!

  1. Your new wallet is so pretty! I really like Fossil wallets and purses, the leather is soft and the designs are nice without being gaudy.


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