Trying a Moleskine

I bought a Moleskine lined notebook today. I decided the beautiful leather journal was too heavy to carry around, so I would use it for my 1000 Gifts list. I have the Moleskine book journal and adore it, and I’ve used Moleskine planners before, but I’ve never used a Moleskine notebook. So far I’m enjoying it, and the ghosting isn’t bothering me too much. If I like them I may switch to them for carry-around journals.

I also bought some colored Pilot Precise V5 pens today. I love the black ones, and the colored ones are just as wonderful. It’s great having a purple pen again with which to journal. I’ve been on a purple kick – I have multiple articles of purple clothing, a purple purse, a purple Filofax, and a purple Bible in which I’ve been using a purple .005 Pigma Micron.

Journaling is calming, and centering. It helps me feel like the world isn’t quite completely crazy. It’s been a hard week.


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