How I journal

I’ve journaled off and on for years, to think things through. I have something like 15 old journals – one day I’ll take a picture of all of them! Last year I started journaling to remember what I did on which days, as well. So, this is my “system.” I have three journals, all from Barnes and Noble. Two are for me and one is about my daughter.

I have two five year diaries – these are called “One Line a Day” and “Mom’s One Line A Day.” The only difference is that the moms one is pink. I found them at Barnes and Noble and got very excited. There are others available as well, but I do like these. They are small, with dates on the top of each page and five spaces to record things. In mine, I record what I did that day – places I went, any big events, etc. In my daughter’s, I record anything super cute that she did, along with where she went and with who. I back-filled my daughter’s from records I’d kept elsewhere, so I’m starting to get to the point where I see what happened a year ago. I love having that. I also love knowing the minutia of my days! Before, I could *never* remember what day I’d done what thing. Now I can just look in the journal if I want to. The limited space makes me keep it short.


I also have a journal for me. This particular one is leather, and quite heavy, so I don’t often carry it around even though I want to. It’s got beautiful blank pages, and the paper is quite thick. It’s also got quite a few pages – I’m perhaps a third of the way through the book, and I’ve reached page 90 or so. I like to use colored pens as it livens things up. I also practice my cursive. ;) I write about all sorts of things in here – my Filofax occasionally, events, feelings… I process better when I write or talk about things, and writing saves my poor husband, plus I don’t forget what I’m figuring out! Sometimes I’ll use prompts from a wonderful book called Creative Journal Writing. I also write prayers and things connected to Bible study in here at times, and I’ve even put in sermon notes. Basically, anything that I need to process or record that I might want to keep for a while goes in here instead of in the Filofax.

I don’t like to journal in my Filofax because I think anything looseleaf is, by nature, impermanent. That works great for my planner pages, but not so much for journaling. I have toyed with the idea of getting 2ppd and using the notes page as a combined inbox/mini journaler, but I can’t imagine ever using a Filofax for all my journaling!! It just wouldn’t work for me.


3 thoughts on “How I journal

  1. I too have a separate journal from my Filofax. I do write down some random notes about my day in my planner, thing like a movie I saw, the weather, the title of a blog post I wrote. More like to-dos that were done. But the details of how I’m feeling and what I experience goes in the journal. There’s more space there and allows me to write more details. Plus, you’re right – there’s something more permanent about a bound book for this very purpose!


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