My latest – and hopefully final – Filofax set-up for 2012

Well, after all too many tweaks, I’ve settled on something that I really do enjoy. The inserts may still change in future years, but the core works really well for me! I’m using two Filofaxes, and I’ll explain that pretty thoroughly.

The first thing I see when I open my main Filofax is pretty doo-dads, which change occasionally. So far, the family photo is a constant. Then I have my handmade info sheet on pretty scrapbook paper, with my name, number, and emergency contacts. On the back of that are some important numbers that I don’t have memorized, but might need in an emergency – such as the mechanic, my work, and my best friend’s number. Then comes the Filofax “if you find me” page.

The Filofax post-it note accessory is my first divider, thanks to that nifty tab at the top. I use the flags to bookmark things in books that I may want to take note of or quotes I may want to put in my book journal. The big post-its get used occasionally. Behind the accessory is some notepaper – cheap Mead paper for general notes and nicer Filofax paper for notes that I may want to keep, such as notes I’m taking on books. This is my inbox. Once I’ve processed the general notes, they are crossed out, and once the paper is full of crossed out sections, it goes in the trash. Notes I want to keep go in my second binder.

My next section is “Do”. This has my time map (from a Philofaxy template), gift list, projects list, context lists (computer, house, sans baby), my list of things I need to talk about with my husband, an “agendas” list for things I need to talk about with everyone else, to buy list, work notes, work to-dos, cleaning record, fix/improve, waiting for, and “possibly, one day.” All of these involve some sort of action. I used FF to-do paper and various notepaper for this section.

The next section is “Dream”. This is my Me section, with mostly lists of stuff I want to do or watch.

Next is my calendar section. I’m using Franklin Covey Serenity day per page inserts with the tabbed monthlies. The inserts themselves are quite pretty, and look WONDERFUL in the Finchley.

I LOVE the monthlies! They are great for future planning. FC pages also have a monthly to-do space which has come in very handy. I have a years’ worth of 2 pages per month in here. They are tabbed through December, and then they are the “future planning” calendars. Once I order next years’ inserts I’ll replace the “future planning” ones with proper tabbed ones. The only thing I don’t like about the monthlies is that the days spaces aren’t especially well delineated, but I fixed that with some strategic highlighting. I keep track of bills using stickies on the monthly squares which get moved to the next month once they’ve been paid. I’ve been doing this for several months and it works well for me.

I’ve just started using the daily pages, but they will work well, I think. Best part is, EVERY DAY HAS A FULL PAGE!! My husband’s work schedule goes in the very top line of the schedule section, since I never do anything at 8am. I’m trying out meal planning, so meals go in the schedule section on a line about where I’ll be eating. I occasionally schedule my to-dos as the day goes on, as well. Recurring appointments (work, church) get written down – I learned in college that if I didn’t do that, I would almost miss them! I put whether a bill is due in the top right under the date, on the pretty patterned section. Birthdays and various day-specific notes go in the Daily Notes section. To-dos that I need to or want to get done on that day go in the to-do section. This is working fairly well in theory, though in practice I don’t always do those tasks. Still, I like it better than just sticking them on a context list – if they are at all time-sensitive, I need to pick a day for them!! I use big post-it notes to write down books that I check out from the library, and stick those notes on that day’s page. This allows me to easily move them if I renew the books, or I crumple them up and toss them once the books are returned. I have THREE MONTHS’ worth of daily pages in my Filofax, and I LOVE it.

The last thing in the Filofax is a piece of cardboard which came with some set of inserts – it’s used to protect the back pages.

My secondary binder is the cheapo Day-Timer. In front is a transparent flyleaf, some extra notepaper, a today ruler, and my vertical year calendar. Then comes the Financial tab, which holds our 2012 budget, my husband’s income record (he’s a waiter so this is important to guesstimate income), and some tips I’ve written down from various books. This section doesn’t get used often, but it’s important to have once a month! After that comes my A-Z index, which holds notes. I use a post-it to list what I’ve got behind a tab. For instance, the EF tab has a post-it which reads: “Filofax Stuff and other planner stuff, 2011 goal budget (Finances), Food Rules, Filing System plan, FlyLady”. (In case you were wondering, there are 5 sheets of planner-related things.) After all that comes the “Holidays and Observances” list from the Franklin Covey pages, and the rest of the Franklin Covey future planning calendars. There is a notepad in the back of this archive binder, which I’m sure I’ll use at some point.

So, there’s my awesome Filofax set-up! Sorry about the lack of pictures, I’m honestly not motivated to take pictures and blur out people’s names and such at the moment. I may put pictures up on Flickr later.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “My latest – and hopefully final – Filofax set-up for 2012

  1. I assume that the wider FC pages aren’t a problem for you? I have hacked FC pages in the past, trimming off the hole punches and repunching them so they fit into the Filofax binder. It worked well, but in the end I didn’t like them very much (the trimmed version). If it weren’t for this, I’d use FC pages rather than the FF inserts.


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