Filofax update…

[If you read my blog for my awesome *cough* opinions on things other than planners, feel free to skip this post..heh heh. :D]

Well, the Cavendish has gone to a new home where he is being properly utilized.  I’m thrilled that the new owner is so pleased.

So I am back in my Finchley! I’ve traded inserts with another Filofax lover – she now has my Filofax 2dpp and I have her Franklin Covey Serenity DPP. I love the monthlies – can’t start using the dailies until April, but I think I will love those as well.

I bought a cheapo archive binder at OfficeMax – DayTimer with 3 months of sample pages, which was nice as I now know that DayTimer’s crazy DPP layout will never work for me. The binder was also cheaper than even a Domino Filofax, plus there was no shipping costs and no wait. I also found some boring old Personal-sized notebook paper – I didn’t know that was available!! It’s under $3 for a pack of 60 sheets, and is sold as a “memo book refill.” I’m quite excited about this, as I’m planning to use it for my notes section and save the Filofax paper for important notes. ;)

At the moment I’m pondering the best way to arrange my Filofax and archive binder together so they work well for me. My Filofax is getting full, and I don’t want to push it too far as the rings don’t close properly (and never have). I’d love more calendar pages, but then what about my notes pages?? You see my dilemma. So the archive binder will have to become more active – seeing as it’s within arm’s reach when I’m at my desk, this shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll do another post later on once I’ve figured all this out.

I have a job now and used my Filofax to take notes today – I felt very grownup and professional. ;)

One last thing – I made this video a while ago, about my Filofax set-up and my Moleskine book journal. I *love* my book journal – it’s amazing. Enjoy! (If you watch it. I rarely watch videos…so won’t be offended if you skip mine. ;D)


2 thoughts on “Filofax update…

  1. Great video! I especially love all the references (ha ha!) to the library. =) The past few years I’ve been keeping track of the books I read via Shelfari and GoodReads, but as it tends to get complicated updating both all the time, I may look into the Moleskine book journal – that looks awesome!


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