A plea for decency

Recently, a retweeted tweet crossed my Twitter feed. It contained some witty slogan against Santorum. In some of the replies to that tweet, people said they thought Santorum’s head should be separated from his body. Really?! Then there’s this recent deal with Rush Limbaugh talking about Sandra Fluke. Really?! Sadly, there are so many more examples of this type of thing, on ALL sides of politics and religion.

Just because someone thinks or believes differently than you does not make them less human. People can be intelligent, thoughtful, caring, passionate, good people and come to different conclusions about hot-button political issues, religion…everything. The fact that someone disagrees with you does not legitimate calling them names, wishing evil on their children, or worse. When you do that, you demean yourself and them. Also, the fact that someone disagrees with you does not automatically make them a stupid, thoughtless person.

So, can we agree on one thing? Can we agree to engage others on the issues calmly, with respect, as we wish to be treated? Can we agree to give those we disagree with the same goodwill that we give to those who agree with us? Can we wish them well and seek to understand? We’ll probably still end up disagreeing – but when we see the other person as human, we can actually have a conversation instead of talking past each other.

I’d rather have a conversation. What about you?


One thought on “A plea for decency


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