Inside the Cavendish

I’ve finally been able to take photos of my new Cavendish. It’s growing on me – I do love the nice large rings, and if I were going to use a Filofax as a wallet (purse, for non-Americans?) this would be the one to use! I’ve also decided to pretty him up a bit – yes, he’s definitely a “he”, but I’m a girl and I enjoy pretty dividers. I bought a “Designer Mat Pad” which happened to have 4″ x6″ pretty paper, and just cut and hole-punched. Easy peasy. :)

I’m currently trying out a new set-up and it’s working rather well so far. The only problem I can see is that I’m running the risk of forgetting about all the “Me” things, since they are no longer in the same book. So, I will need to guard against that.

I will probably end up switching between Cavendish and Finchley, honestly – it is nice having options. ;)


3 thoughts on “Inside the Cavendish


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