Oh Cavendish…

I’m caught in a bit of a ridiculous dilemma thanks to the Cavendish. I can’t decide which personal to use as my main binder! The Cavendish would be a wonderful binder, and has TWO PEN LOOPS. The only time I would want that second pen loop is when I go out. But…I’m quite attached to my Finchley.

Twice I have sat down and put sections of my main binder or my whole main binder into the Cavendish. Twice I have placed everything back in the Finchley. Twice I have shaken my head at my indecision.

So today, before leaving the house, I switched the binder contents and took advantage of the two pen loops in the Cavendish. Yes, Finchley is languishing at home….we shall see how this turns out.



One thought on “Oh Cavendish…


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