Contemplating a new Filofax set-up

Well, my Cavendish experiment today wasn’t very helpful, as I didn’t really use my Filofax while I was out! I guess I’ll just have to give him another go tomorrow.

I’m contemplating a new set-up, something like this..or maybe like this. I have a set of regular labeled tabs that came with the Cavendish that I could use. Diary is self-explanatory. Notes would be for capturing anything and everything, to be processed later – I really want to get into that habit. Information would be for various lists that I want to carry with me, like my wish list. Projects would have my to-do and project lists. I might also use finances and addresses for their purposes..though addresses would be more of emergency contacts and store hours than proper addresses. The only thing about using those tabs, though, is that I wouldn’t be able to use my pretty dividers anymore…I guess I will just have to make new ones! Plus at least two of my self-made tabs are defunct now, since my Learn section has been placed primarily behind A-Z tabs and my Love (family) section now has its own binder.

If I do use the system described above, the Finchley will become a Me binder – with my Me section, which I can probably expand easily, along with my Learn section. I might figure out some other sections to add.

My A5 Domino is still just a to-do list and a lot of blank paper. I don’t have section dividers, haven’t managed to get to the store to buy material to make them, and also am not sure what sections I would like…so I’m going to build this one as I need, not create something and then test it.

Sometime soon I plan to take pictures of the Cavendish, as well. He needs a bit of training – he doesn’t quite lie flat. He may also benefit from some sort of leather care stuff, he’s a bit rough in places. I can’t quite remember what works best for that, and I’m positive I haven’t got any of it in the house, either. He’s also quite floppy, but I don’t think that will bother me too much. If we just can’t get along, I’m sure I can find him a nice new home – but I’m going to give him a good try first.

Any suggestions, ideas, etc? Tell me in the comments! :)


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