New Filos and plans for them

Today I received two Filofaxes I purchased from Sandra over at Filofax Fanatic – an A5 red Domino and a personal navy Cavendish. Sandra is my enabler – of my 4 Filos, 3 have come from her!!

After seeing an A5, I’ve decided that I like the Personal size much better. The Domino is going to be a household notebook, and I think it will work well for that. I don’t think I will buy any other A5s, however. I found it interesting that this Domino had two non-elasticized pen loops, as my pocket Domino had an elastic pen loop. Perhaps they were made at different points, or maybe that’s just how they are…

I like the look of the Cavendish better than I expected. I’m not particularly fond of navy, but I don’t mind it with the Cavendish. It has large rings and two LARGE pen loops – I just tried my Bic 4-color pen in them, and it fits easily! There’s also an outside zip pocket. These features are tempting me to switch to the Cavendish as a regular Filo..but I don’t know if I can bring myself to do that – my Finchley is just too pretty! My original plans for the Cavendish were as an archive binder, but I think I’m going to expand on that. With such large rings, he can manage two purposes just fine, I’m sure!

I’ve yet to get all the details of my new Filo set-up planned out. I know that my “Love” (family/house) section will be moved into the A5, which frees up a section in my Finchley. Other than that…who knows? I’m really looking forward to testing different set-ups and seeing what works best!


2 thoughts on “New Filos and plans for them

    1. I will take pictures when I get a chance! The outside of the Cavendish isn’t that much bigger than the Finchley, but oh the Cavendish rings are HUGE – it’s very obvious just looking at them how much bigger the Cavendish rings are!

      I agree with you about the pen loops – I’d love another pen loop on the Finchley..and it’s not like there isn’t room for it!


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