Mom’s Day Out

Today, thanks to the wonderfulness of my husband, I was able to go out to Barnes and Noble – all. by. my. self. I had a sandwich, and read my Bible. I journaled while listening to music. I went shopping, at Barnes and Noble and at a nearby accessories store. I did all of this uninterrupted. It was utterly blissful.

The journal was a Christmas gift from my sister. It’s large – about normal spiral size (A4 for those outside the US). The best part of this gift, however, wasn’t the journal – it was the mix CDs my sister made for me and put in the back pocket of the journal, to be listened to while journaling. There are 5 CDs, each with a different theme. They are absolutely wonderful. Seeing as my sister knows me quite well AND is well on her way to being a music therapist, this isn’t exactly surprising.

So, I journaled. I wrote about my blessings and I wrote about motherhood – how even now, almost a year after my daughter’s birth, I still feel blindsided by it and I’m still trying to figure out how to be ME and be a mother at the same time. Actually writing all of that down felt healing. The journal itself was a bit awkward to write in because it was so large, but at the same time I loved having all of that space. Listening to the music added something to the journaling…and even brought me close to tears at one point.

So, that was my day. I think I should do this more’s good for my mental health.


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Day Out

  1. Sounds wonderful! Boy, do I know what you mean about having kids and being able to be yourself too. For YEARS that frustrated me! I don’t think I got it sort of figured out until they were about–8 or so–then “magically” almost everything got better! I could take them places and they would behave, we could actually “talk” together–and I began to relax…Probably it’s only a brief reprieve before they hit their teens (can’t wait to have TWO 15 year olds…) Hang in there mama!

  2. What a lovely post. I’m not a mom, but I do love to be able to have some good old “me” time. One of things I love doing is going to a cafe with my journal. There’s just something about being in a relaxing environment that makes journal writing (or reading) that much better. But it sounds like your experience is that much better with the personalized music. Hope you get to have more days like this.


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