About bluebonnets

I’m not entirely sure that everyone who reads my blog knows what a bluebonnet is, so I’m going to explain it briefly – since it is part of my blog name and all!

A bluebonnet (it’s one word :) ) is a flower. If you click over to my blog, you can see a field of them at the top of the page! They are the Texas state flower, and grow on the sides of highways and in fields. They bloom in the spring, usually close to Easter. It’s a Texas ritual to take pictures in the bluebonnets every spring. The flowers smell a bit like licorice candy, in my opinion. Bluebonnets are related to the lupine, but I don’t think I’ve seen a lupine in person before, so I’m not sure how similar they are in person.

Bluebonnets also happen to be my favorite flower, and I happen to be a not-quite-native Texan. Hence how they ended up as part of my blog name.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief chance to read about bluebonnets!


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