Finchley and my 2012 set-up

First of all, I adore my Finchley. I am so glad that I was able to buy it after all, and that my husband ok’d the purchase even though I’d spent all sorts of money on other things already. YAY!! I’ve also decided that she needs a name – any suggestions?? :)

Now, on to my 2012 set-up. I am retiring my pocket Domino, since my Finchley is so portable. The Apex is going to be an archive and storage binder, when I run out of room in the Finchley. Originally I planned to have the Apex be a household binder, but I quickly realized that it wouldn’t work for me to have reference info in a reference binder, because I would never look at it! So back into the Finchley it went.

Now for my Finchley set-up:

  • I have a business card for a clothing company in a credit card slot, and some folded reference papers in the full-length pocket. I tried putting all my credit cards in the Finchley, but I decided I didn’t want to have to pull it out every time I had to pay for something. Now I’m using a small keychain wallet from my alma mater – and my cards fit just fine..haha!
  • I kept the Swedish description page, and that’s the first thing I see when I open the Filo. It’s followed by personal info, Filofax registration sheet (stolen from Apex, as Swedish phone numbers will do me no good), 2012-2013 calendar, dates, holidays and reference info. Right before the first tab, I have a sheet with some planner layout musings.
  • Tab 1 holds the diary pages. I’ve got the WO2P from the Apex in it currently, and Filofax 2PPD sheets are on their way to me! I might also try out the Swedish WO2P later on.
  • Tab 2 has to-do sheets and a project list.
  • Tab 3 is Family and Household. So far it contains the birthdays and anniversaries list, cleaning tips, my housecleaning routine, food rules and dinner ideas, our goal budget, an income record, a list of things people have borrowed, things around the house that need to be fixed or that I would like to improve, a list of things to buy, and a couple spare sheets of notepaper.
  • Tab 4 is the Me tab, with my lists: To Blog, Wish List, personal routines, new year things, a someday/maybe list, and lots of extra notepaper. I found some Flavia notepaper at Staples and I’m using it in this section.
  • Tab 5 is my personal study tab. It has my Bible reading plans, prayer list, Currently Reading, To Read, Have Read, To Watch, To Learn About, today’s notes from RCIA, and extra notepaper.
  • Tab 6 is Notes. It has some notepaper, and a lot of upside down calendar pages. I have more notepaper on its way to me too!
  • The last thing in the Finchley is the world map. I’m keeping it in there as I have some relatives who will be living overseas.

I’m going to try this set-up out for a while, see what I think. Maybe I’ll change it up, or maybe not. I think it will work pretty well.

Now I need to find some nice pens which are thin enough to fit into the pen loop, and figure out how I can label the tabs without buying a label maker! I guess I’ll have to start searching Philofaxy and other Filofax blogs… If you have a favorite Filofax pen or way to label dividers please share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Finchley and my 2012 set-up

  1. Very nice! It sounds like a wonderful purchase! I wish I could fit more into my Malden. I switched to day-per-page diary and have lots of business card holder sheets stuffed with my cards, which takes up tons of space. But really necessary as I use this as my wallet, reference binder for work and home, address book, agenda, and notebook. I am probably asking it too do too much! I am able to carry 60 days with of diary plus a month on two pages for the year. I want to get day on two pages but then I can really only have about 40 days in which seems like not enough! I am very envious of those black tabs you got, and the Swedish diary is a very nice design! Have fun with it.


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