First impressions of the Finchley!

I received my Finchley in the mail today! I guess the mailman came twice, because other mail had arrived before I left to visit my mom…and when I came back much later, it was waiting on my desk chair! I actually waited to open it, as baby required my attention.

The imperial purple color is absolutely beautiful, rather dark. It’s one of my favorite shades. As for the leather, my jaw literally dropped when I touched it. I had no idea leather could be so soft!!

The Swedish inserts were so much fun to look at. It came with a 2012 weekly calendar (in Swedish of course) and lots of extras. I was especially happy about the 10 to do sheets and 30ish sheets of notepaper!! I can set up my Finchley fully now, without waiting for a package from Filofax USA! It also came with a lot of address sheets. I have so many of those now, and I don’t use them! The dividers are black which is exciting.

I have added the Apex extras to the Finchley and replaced the calendar with the English one that has US holidays on it. Now I’m going to finish setting it up and arranging everything. I am giving the FC binder to my mom, since she loves the calendar pages which weren’t really working for me. So that means I need to clear everything out and re-copy various notes pages. I will be using the Apex and the Finchley for now, and probably the Domino as well – though the Finchley might take over the Domino’s purpose. I’ll post about that once I’ve got it all figured out.

Many thank yous to Sandra, who sold me one of her Swedish Finchleys! If it wasn’t for her, I would still think the Apex is kind of cool. After seeing a real Filofax, I understand why no one likes the Apex…and don’t worry, it won’t be going out in public. ;)


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