What else can you use a Filofax for?

Once I found out that I was able to buy that imperial purple Finchley after all, I immediately set out trying to figure out what I would do with TWO binders! I scoured the Internet for brilliant ideas, and filled up an entire sheet with notes and ideas. Here’s some of what I found:

I also came up with two ideas of my own – a personal study binder and a Bible binder.

I love to read and study things on my own. Recently, I’ve been wanting to do that in a more structured way, so that I can look back on it and know what I studied. I also want to do it more intentionally. So I thought I could have a personal study binder. I would have a planning section, with what I want to study and when I would like to study it, and then I would have sections with notes on what I learn. I might even blog about some of it, or just write about it for myself. I could do the sections topically or just A-Z. This would end up being partly a book-o-fax as well, since so much of my personal studying consists of reading!

I also read the Bible frequently, and so I thought I could devote a binder to that. It would have sections for Bible reading plans and recording what I’d read, Old Testament notes, New Testament notes, debates and theology notes/info, prayers (personal and from books), and journaling.

My next post will be about what I actually decided to do with my two binders!

So, what did I miss? What blog posts did Google not tell me about? What do you put in your Filofaxes?


5 thoughts on “What else can you use a Filofax for?

  1. a home binder? i have one that organises my family life. Recording bills, expenditures, meal plans, special occasions planner, to do’s, cleaning schedule, my sons learning targets and what learning activities he will be doing, master to buy list & to do lists (both long term)

    i also have a ‘me’ binder which has what i ate for the day, excercise, reading list, bucket list, a few family photos, personal goals (things i need to improve), movies/programs/series i want to watch, treats for myself, things that make me sad, things that make me happy etc.

  2. Oh, thanks for linking to my blog! I can update you on some of those “extra” binders:
    The “Me” binder morphed into the Happiness Binder – they are one and the same, though the Happiness Binder holds a little more than the original Me binder did.
    I dismantled the Reference binder. I had it all set up with the sections I wanted, but I came to realize that all the things I wanted to include were things I had listed elsewhere. By having the reference binder, I was creating way more work for myself than was necessary.
    I am currently working on a different kind of Reference binder. Since I use a compact as my every day planner, the new reference binder is going to be an extension of the compact. It will hold all of the items I like to keep in a binder but that I don’t need to carry with me all the time, things like addresses and lists of places I want to visit, etc. I have the sections for that all set up. I just need to update the information that goes in the binder. I need to find some time before doing that however. But once I’m done, look for a post about it!
    At this point, you may have already posted on what you’re using your binders for. I’m sure I’ll catch up on it soon!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I wondered what had happened to the reference binder. I realized that the Happiness Binder replaced the Me Binder – should have made it clearer in the post, sorry!

      I’ve decided to just use one binder after all, and I did a post about it! We’ll see how long that set-up lasts. Your different kind of reference binder sounds like what I want to use my second personal (the dreaded Apex) for. I was going to try and use it as a household binder, but I very quickly realized that I would NEVER look at that stuff if I put it in a separate binder. I think that eventually I may end up with a main Filo, a household Filo, and a study Filo, but I’ll let that happen if it happens – I’m not going to force it (especially since I have spent WAY too much money on planners lately).

  3. I have recently been trying to decide what to use all my Filos for and have realised that some of them would make fabulous photo albums – all I need is some coloured paper cut to size and some photo corners (and some photos…. must remember to take more of them).

  4. I use a slimline Cuban as my Weight Watchrs Tracker. It contains sheets I have printed myself to track my food and points, a summary page at the end of the week to make any notes and jot down my weigh in result, and also a chart and a graph recording my losses :o)
    I do need to do an updated post, but most of it can be seen here : http://honeyishrunk.blogspot.com/2011/08/pretty-ww-tracker.html
    And also the tracker pages are available in a Personal size template in the files section on Philofaxy : http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/p/files.html?m=1

    Great post – always good to read what people use their filo’s for :o)

    Tali x


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