My 2012 set up…for now at least

To make a long story short, after the Swedish disappointment I decided that I wanted to try an A5 size ring-bound planner. Since I liked Franklin Covey’s inserts better than Filofax’s inserts for that size, and since the two brands are incompatible in that size, I purchased a Franklin Covey Classic size Her Point of View binder. So, here it is…

The color is a very nice turquoise, brighter than I thought it would be.

With pocket Domino:

And with my hand:

Closed from above:

From the side:

The binder itself is decent. I am not thrilled with it, and I guess I don’t really understand why it was so expensive. It doesn’t seem like it’s quite worth the asking price. Still, I’m glad it’s not black, and it does smell quite nice. It feels decent, though it isn’t amazing to the touch.

Here’s a close-up of the pen loop. The front – or rather, top – side is leather…

…and the back is elasticized.

This pen loop structure does not work very well, honestly. Quite often the pen runs into the tabs when I close the binder. I’m also not very fond of the lining of the binder – it’s rather..loud, and not quite my style.

The inside front cover has a pocket, card slots, and a clear ID pocket. Currently they are holding miscellaneous papers, since I’m not about to try and use a binder this big as a wallet. :P

The back cover has a gusseted zip pocket, and a full length pocket behind that. Also, note how far the closure sticks out – it is rather big and bulky, though it doesn’t bother me.

And now the fun part – my planner set-up. I ordered the starter kit, so that I would have tabs. It came with twelve. I also ordered notepaper to populate the tabs – both boring lined notepaper, and fun Seasons notepaper.

The first pages in my planner are the info page and a sheet with notes about this particular binder setup. Then come the tabs…

  • Planning Calendars: a sheet with reference calendars for 2011-2016, Holidays and Observances, and the Special Days sheet with everyone’s birthday and anniversary.
  • The blank tab has a sheet with tab labels, the Planner Guide, other planner-related info sheets and tips which I printed out from an ebook, and a sheet on which I wrote the FlyLady zones and rules for zone cleaning.
  • Values/Mission has the worksheets which came with the Starter Pack and 6 weeks’ worth of Compass Cards for the bookmark.
  • Goals has my list of “ongoing goals/habits to review” and the goal worksheets that came with the Starter Pack.
  • Finances has our goal budget, budget actuals and variance, and income recording for 2010-2012. My husband is a waiter, so this is really important. This is just the big-picture stuff – I use YNAB to keep track of all our transactions and do budgeting.
  • Key Information has a couple sheets which came with the Starter Pack, a sheet for Waiting For which currently tells me that my sister borrowed season 3 of Gilmore Girls in September, and a sheet for Household Notes.
  • Projects has context lists for tasks I would like to do but don’t need to do at any particular time, two current projects lists (one for me and one for everyone else), a someday/maybe list, and a Routines and Responsibilities list which has cleaning and personal routines.
  • School has a list of things I want to learn about and notes I’ve taken about those topics.
  • Me has my wish list, books to read, things to watch, and blog ideas.
  • Faith has a page with Bible reading plans, a prayer requests page, a favorite Scriptures page, and a sheet for Genesis with a really neat quote. The idea is to have a page for every book of the Bible with observations, and add sheets as needed.
  • Notes is for everything else, and currently has two pages: Dinner Ideas and Planner Ramblings. I will be expanding on the latter in my next post. :D
  • Addresses has blank address sheets. I have a beautiful bound address book, so I don’t really need this section.

Next comes the diary (for Americans, this means the calendar section). I am using undated 2 page per day sheets for December.

In January, though, I will be using the Seasons 2 page per day inserts. These are just beautiful. I only have December and January in the planner right now for daily pages.

They also have monthly pages. I have December through August in the planner right now. Here’s March:

So, why am I not sure that this will be my 2012 setup? Two reasons. The first one is that I just purchased a personal size imperial purple Finchley from Sandra/@skhen, aka the Filofax Fanatic, and of course this gives me planner angst. The second reason is that I’m not entirely sure I love the FC 2 page per day format, in practice. I can make it work, but it’s quite regimented – more than is really necessary for me. I have very few appointments, and I’m divided on whether I like the daily notes pages or if I’d prefer keeping all my notes in a separate section. It’s also VERY bulky. I’ll probably end up using both for a week and seeing which I like better, or doing mock-ups based on past weeks, in order to decide which will be my planner.

So, there you have it! My next post will be all about trying to figure out what to do with the “extra” binder.



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