Filofax Apex review

Well, my prize from the Filofax Memories competition arrived today! It came via a company I didn’t recognize. Perhaps it was a courier service? It was packaged in a thick envelope, and had a customs declaration on the front – very exciting. There were two Apex color combinations I liked and two I didn’t, and I got one of the ones I liked!

Unlike many other Filofax lovers, I actually like the Apex… Of course, there is no comparison between the Apex and a nice leather Filofax – it’s two different worlds, and the proper leather Filofax clearly wins, no contest. However, considered on its own, the Apex is rather cute. It’s girly, fun, young, nothing a businesswoman would ever want to carry – but a teenage girl? Sure.

Hiding behind my ultra violet pocket Domino.

The Apex in all its glory. It is made of a hard plastic. The cover is actually quite soft – I was pleasantly surprised

It came with July 2011-December 2012 planner pages (or diary, as those outside the US would call it), and all the regular accoutrements. Best of all, it came with pastel ABC and 1-6 dividers! Even if I hated the Apex itself, I would be happy about those dividers.

It also came with about a dozen pastel notes sheets, some interesting address pages, and two to-do sheets.

My baby likes it…

It does have one rather annoying feature – the elastic closure is only hidden on the inside by the front pocket, so it creates a lump. This is unlike any other Filofax, I would think – even the Domino has all closure stuff on the outside.

So, there’s the Apex! I don’t know what I’m going to use it for yet. I actually have a large Franklin Covey package on the way to me (yes, I’m doubly betraying Filofax – sorry…). If I like the contents of that, then the Apex will probably just sit in a drawer. If I don’t like the Franklin Covey things, then I will probably switch to using a personal Filofax, and I may use the Apex for that…we’ll see. Depends on how much money I have to spend – I still have my eye on a raspberry Finsbury.


2 thoughts on “Filofax Apex review

  1. Hi Hannah,

    This comment is unrelated to your post, but I wasn’t sure if you’d pick up any follow-up comments on Philofaxy, so thought I’d drop you a line here. Try searching Philofaxy for “task and time management” and “reader under the spotlight”. The spotlight candidates tend to be hardcore users, and often have their own blogs. Jotje (Judith) will probably show up in both searches, and her posts are excellent. Amanda from paper pens ink also has some great ideas, and SNARLing’s posts on her own blog are great too.

    Hope this helps, Gerard


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