Filofax update: Apexes, and Swedish deals

[Update: Sadly, it appears that the Swedish Filofax website did not keep up with their actual stock, allowing people to order when no more products were left. Because of this, I got a “sorry, we’re out, we refunded your money” email this morning. I was far from the only one this happened to. Oh well.]

One of the blogs I follow is Philofaxy, which talks about all things Filofax. Today, they alerted all their readers to the 90-year anniversary sale currently happening on the Swedish Filofax website. It has already happened on the Denmark, UK, German, etc. sites. I doubt that it will happen on the US site, since Filofaxes aren’t very popular here, and it hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, I figured I might as well take a look, as it is an excellent sale – Filofaxes for 90 Krona each, which Philofaxy said was under 9 pounds. In other words, about $12 or $13 USD. I use Google Chrome as my browser, so it automatically asked me if I wanted to translate the page using Google Translate. This enabled me to understand what was going on on the website, since I clearly don’t speak Swedish! (Also, the URLs are in English, even though the site is in Swedish. I thought this was rather interesting.) I picked out the Filofax that I *thought* was the one I had previously decided would be my perfect organizer – the Finsbury, which is priced at $69 on the US website. The color choices were different, but I liked the imperial purple better than the raspberry on the US website anyway.

So, I ordered the Filofax, figured out my total cost – about $30 USD including shipping (which cost more than the Filofax). I asked my husband if he was okay with this purchase, and he said “go ahead.” So I placed the order!

Later today, I went to show my mother which Filofax I had decided to buy. I also wanted to show her the difference in colors. It was at this point that I realized that the planner I had purchased, the Finchley, was a *different* planner than the one I had decided I wanted. Also, the Finchley costs over $100 USD. This made me even more pleased with my purchase, especially since the imperial purple is not available on the US website. I only wish I’d thought to buy other Filofaxes, too, so I could give my mother one!

So, this is the first Filofax which is headed my way. The second one is an Apex, which I won through the Filofax Memories competition (I entered at Plannerisms.) We were not told that the prize was an Apex when we entered the competition, and the Apex is a rather unique design which draws passionate feelings of love..or hate. I was pretty happy about it, because a) I won something!! and b) it is a personal size Filofax, and the only one I have is a pocket. Now that I’ve ordered the Finchley, however, I’m planning to give this Filofax to a relative for Christmas.

So, that’s my Filofax update!


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