The first girls-only adventure

My daughter and I went on a weekend trip without Dad this past weekend. We went with other people, of course, so it wasn’t just me and a nine month old, but it was still a major milestone. It was the first time I’d gone anywhere for a weekend without my husband in our marriage. It was the first time I’d gone anywhere farther than about half an hour with my daughter, without my husband.

It went very, very well. My daughter loved the renaissance fair we attended, and we were able to stay there for the entire day. My friends helped out with the baby, but I don’t think anyone felt burdened by her except perhaps me, which is as it should be. I have quite a few pictures of my daughter being held and kissed by people other than me, who also love her, and I think that’s a wonderful thing.

Did I mention that we had FUN at the fair?? We did. It was so wonderful. I did wish my husband could have been there too, but only because I wanted to share the wonderful with him! At the same time, though, I’m glad that he was able to have some time to just be by himself. It’s something he wants, but it’s hard to make it happen.

Now we are home, pictures are posted to Facebook, my daughter went to bed an hour earlier thanks to Daylight Savings Time ending, and I’m waiting to see my husband – he went to work before we came home. I can’t wait! :)



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