How I use my Filo

[For those of you who do not have an interest in seeing other people’s planners, feel free to skip this post – I promise I post about other things too. ;) For those of you who enjoy reading about how other people use their planners, especially their Filofaxes, read on!]

Here she is, my beautiful Pocket Domino in ultra violet.

That isn’t the actual color. It’s a bit more purple than that.


It’s pretty full!!

From the side. The pen is a Bic 4-color.

This is what you see when you open it! My credit cards and library card are on the left side. On the right is a transparent envelope which contains coupons and receipts. The post-it tells me how much money I have left to spend on groceries and on me for the rest of the month. Clearly I have a spending problem.

Behind the transparent envelope I have a credit card holder. The front side has my driver’s license and car insurance card. The back side has my health insurance card and my Barnes and Noble member card. Then comes that piece of clear plastic, with post-its stuck to it. After it is the personal info sheet, Filofax registration sheet, and some of the info pages which came with the Filo.

The first tab is my calendar. It has the 2011 and 2012 one-page calendar which came with the Filo, my Time Map on the timetable pages, and of course the calendar pages. Currently I have August 25 through February 1 in WO2P. The first page actually holds my weekly routine page.

Here’s this week. I now have THREE black Today dividers; two came with my original order, and they sent a third with my inserts order which arrived today. The notepaper is cut-to-fit from a Compact 365 Franklin Covey 365 Task sheet. My calendar pages are color-coded; green for my husband’s work schedule and events, red for important things. Blue and black seem to be pretty interchangeable so far.

Tab 2 holds my to-dos. I have five context sheets: @home, @computer, @personal (shown), @someone watching DD (which has two phone calls on it right now), and @errands.

I also have a Someday list, which is on some of the blue notepaper which came with the Filo.

Tab 4, which is in the third position, is my “me” tab. I have the nine areas from the Woman’s Success Planner written on the divider. The Me tab has just lists currently. Books has all the books I want to read or consider reading at some point in time. To Learn About has a list of things I want to put some effort into learning about.

My Wish List is next. The pink sticky note tells me how much money I (don’t) have. Clearly I have a problem with spending when I shouldn’t. It’s followed by my Gift Ideas list, my Goals and Things Which Relax Me, my Prayer List, and Personal Projects/Goals which is a list of things I’m actively working on for myself.

Then comes a piece of scratch calendar paper. This one has Netflix recommendations, Exact Change, and on the flip side some more random notes. Then comes another piece of scratch paper which I will use to evaluate my Filo, and on the flip side:

Filo brainstorming, and lined white notepaper! It arrived today along with the zip envelope and more to-do sheets. I’m so excited about this notepaper. It’s kind of sad.

Tab 3 (in the fourth position) is Home. So far, it contains a piece of scratch paper with chores and how often they need to be repeated, a list of things to fix around the house, Who Borrowed What When (very important – twice I’ve had to post on Facebook asking if someone borrowed my Gilmore Girls and if so, who they are), an address sheet with important phone numbers on one side and hours for my favorite stores on the other, my routine and zone sheets, and guys’ chores (the things which my husband and our roommate get to do instead of me).

Tab 5 is my Family tab, which currently contains nothing but lined notepaper. I haven’t gotten around to doing the lists which will go in this section.

Tab 6 is currently unassigned, which is VERY exciting!

It’s followed by the A-Z dividers, which I will use to alphabetize reference information. Currently these contain one whole piece of paper.

The back pocket is now empty. I had a Moleskine cahier in the back pocket, but decided to take it out for the sake of my Filo. It was thick enough already after I added the notepaper. I keep my extra inserts and Today dividers in a plastic sandwich bag! It’s working very well.

Speaking of bags, here is my Filo next to my favorite bag! The color of the Filo is between the color of the girl’s dress and the color of her book cover.

A few more pictures can be found on Flickr! And if you liked this post, you will really like Philofaxy!

What kind of planner do you use? If you use a Filofax or other looseleaf planner, how do you customize it?


6 thoughts on “How I use my Filo

  1. OHMYGOSH! I love this so much! I am TOTALLY going to re do my Filofax when my Malden gets here (replacement for my defective Topaz). Please do more posts like this! More MORE!!!

    1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll do more posts like this if I can think of anything to say…I only have one Filo after all ;) Make sure you do a post about your new setup once it happens!

  2. love this post! you have a LOT crammed into your lovely pocket domino!! may i ask, since you are using it as your wallet too, where you keep cash & coin? i am always curious about how people manage a wallet & planner combo in a pocket filofax!! great blog…keep posting : )

    1. Cash goes in the front pocket behind the credit card slots. Coins go in a pocket of pants or purse until I get home! I don’t usually use cash so it’s not a big issue for me.

      I guess it is a lot of stuff but it doesn’t feel like that much! It’s working really well for me so far. :)

  3. Great post! I especially love that bag – I’ve seen it and have thought about getting it. It has everything I love – a book, a purse, and fall leaves. Plus, it’s a bag itself and carries a Filo! What’s not to love? Looking forward to more posts!

    1. It’s a wonderful bag! It pretty much describes me perfectly. :D (Except I’ve only read while walking once or twice….*cough*) I’d love to get some of the others in the same “line” too – like the one with books growing on a tree.


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