Still going strong with B90Days

It’s been a week since I started trying to read the Bible in 90 Days. Somehow I’ve managed to keep on track with the reading, despite a weekend road trip. I managed that by reading a bit ahead, reading snatches in the evenings, and reading in the car! During this first week, we read Genesis and Exodus.

My new morning routine: Get up. Change baby’s diaper. Put baby on the floor with toys. Get breakfast. Eat breakfast while reading Bible. Keep reading Bible until baby gets fussy (usually about 30 minutes, maybe less). Go take care of baby. When baby calms down, return to Bible reading until baby gets fussy again. Repeat until Bible reading is done.

It’s actually working pretty well, and the feeling of accomplishment helps give me the boost I need to actually get other stuff done (besides the fun stuff, like reading, journaling, etc)!

I’ve reading Genesis and Exodus about 4 or 5 times before this, but I’m still noticing new things. For instance, I somehow missed the part where a baby goat could be sacrificed instead of a lamb in some cases. I’m also wondering how in the world Jacob would have missed the fact that the woman in his bed wasn’t Rachel!!!

I’m also reading the New American Bible with the Revised Old Testament (aka the NAB-Revised Edition, or NABRE). It’s a translation I’ve never read before, and I’m finding it rather interesting. For some reason, the translators don’t put quotation marks around the Lord’s speeches, unless there is a physical theophany. It strikes me as quite odd. I’m actually enjoying the notes at the bottom, when I glance at them. The NAB notes are really more like a study Bible’s notes, but they come standard with every NAB. Some of them I vehemently disagree with, but others provide very helpful context!

So, that’s this week. Hopefully I will be able to keep going with this and not let other things get in the way!


2 thoughts on “Still going strong with B90Days

  1. haha! I’ve always wondered that about Leah! HOW could you NOT notice??

    What made you choose the NAB translation? I never could get on with it, it was “choppy” or something I don’t remember. I’ve been using the NLT Study Bible. I really like it. Before B90Days, I never (this is sad) used a Bible enough to really know if I liked it or not.

    Glad to have found you on B90Days :D


    1. I have a history of buying too many Bibles. Now I only have three. :) I chose the NAB because it was a Catholic translation, really. Basically, I decided I was going to pick one translation/Bible and just stick with it, no matter what, and I ended up getting an NAB. It is rather choppy, though.

      I love the NLT Study Bible! I own one and I think it’s wonderful. The third Bible I still own is a very marked-up NLT thinline.


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