High school poetry, rediscovered

I recently started using a lovely program called Evernote (more on it in another post). I plan to use it for journaling, and I decided I’d also like to try my hand at writing again. I vaguely remembered a subfolder called “my stuff” in my Documents folder, so I went to explore it. I found a little document called “poems.” So I opened it, and decided to put its contents into Evernote.

147 poems later, I am utterly amazed.

I started writing poetry in 2003, and stopped at my high school graduation in 2007. The “poems” document contained most of the poetry I had written in those years..with no dates. There were occasional annotations: lit mag, portfolio, contest, fictionpress, song. There were asterisks on either side of the titles of some poems, but I don’t remember what that meant — probably that I liked it.

Now those 147 poems are in Evernote, in individual notes, and are therefore much more browsable than they were the original .rtf file, where the only distinction between poems were the bolded titles of the poems. They are also tagged with the annotations from the original file (minus the asterisks), and with either “homeschool” or “high school” based on my best guess as to general time period. I think the poems were arranged roughly in reverse chronological order…

Writing poems was an important way for me to express myself in high school..but I had forgotten that. It grew from a need to connect, and was spurred by a good friend who wrote poems first. Out of those 147, I think there are even some good ones. I had no idea that I wrote so many poems. It never seemed like quite that many when a software wasn’t counting them for me.


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