The problem with connection

My husband and I are very different people. I am very intellectual, I worry, I “think deep thoughts,” I have a problem sitting and doing nothing unless I am exhausted physically or emotionally. I am an introvert. My husband is content to “live and let live.” He is an extrovert, who doesn’t worry, doesn’t feel the need to do something all the time.

These differences are a big deal. Sometimes, I envy his easy-going demeanor. Other times, I wish he would see what a big deal [insert thing] is!! When I’m not captivated by the heat of the moment, I appreciate that he is strong where I am weak.

But sometimes it is a struggle, to be in this marriage, and sometimes doubts plague one or the other of us. That is when we have to decide to keep fighting for our marriage, and refuse to entertain the idea of doing otherwise. It’s frustrating because comments balloon into fights, which then ooze into reconciliation. I wish I could break that cycle, but I don’t know how – and I feel the cycle is mostly my fault. I am, after all, the emotional female in the relationship! And my husband is the opposite. (Another strength that I sometimes envy, sometimes hate, and am mostly grateful for.)

So, that’s something for me to work on. And we’ll just keep carrying on, trying to connect, rejoicing when we do, getting through when we don’t. Above all, I’ll be grateful that I have this man in my life in such an awesome way.



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