Hail to thee, my alma mater

Today was Convocation, a celebration of past excellence and future glory. Petty drama forgotten and cliques transcended, we applauded our classmates and rejoiced in our common experience of a college unique in every way, and an education rarely imagined in the world of American colleges. We sang the school song — which happens to be medieval Latin.

Then we drank the beer the school bought for us. Later that night, we bought more beer, and partied at Senior TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) — another special thing that only our college has. We cheered for the slideshow and senior superlatives.

And, more than anything else, we celebrated the idiosyncrasies of this crazy, wonderful place. The buildings that should have been torn down in 1970, and all the other evidence of a school doing great things with little money. The fact that when a picture of the Pope appears, everyone screams — and all the other evidence of a school filled with Catholics who truly practice their faith. The way everyone knows each other, by sight and often by name.

Four years ago, we arrived at this college eager to find ourselves and make new friends. Now, we leave it, having learned more than we ever dreamed we could — and knowing that we know oh so little.

I am so blessed and proud to have this college as my alma mater.



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